Introduction about tax advisory

Why it’s important

Tax issues are a crucial component in any company’s operations. With Indonesian tax regulations growing more complicated, and tax officials becoming more diligent in carrying out audits, failure to comply with tax regulations could lead to significant financial exposure and cost. It has never been more important to ensure that your tax affairs are carried out in strict accordance with the law.

Why us?

Tax specialists are fully knowledgeable about trends that impacts clients’ tax position,monitor government policies, pending legislation.

Our tax specialists are fully knowledgeable about macroeconomic trends that may impact the client’s tax po*Our close relationships with the government officials who are in charge of formulating and enforcing these policies, enable us to anticipate changes in taxation policies.* (TBC)



  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Tax Due Diligence / Tax Review
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Financing / Fund Raising Process
  • Tax Disputes Resolution

Tax Disputes Resolution

Tax Audit / Verification
Gather, compile, review, and file all relevant documents Explain tax jargon in layman’s language

Represent clients to tax auditors

Interpret any corrections deemed necessary by tax auditor until assessment letter of tax verification has been obtained

Tax Objection and Appeal
Prepare letter of objection and represent Client at the Tax Office.

If objection is rejected and we think the Client has a fair chance of winning, we will represent the Client to pursue an appeal in the Tax Court.

Tax refund
In the case of overpayment in particular taxes, we assist the Client to get a timely refund. We deal directly deal with the Tax Office and the State Treasury and work until the refund has been received.

Tax Advisory

Cross Border Tax Issues
Tax planning. Identify the best possible tax advice and find solutions to implement optimum tax alternatives, always focusing on maximizing tax savings and minimizing tax problems.

Local Tax Advisory
Provide advice on specific tax laws and regulations.

Prepare both written and verbal communications with our advice and interpretations of relevant government rules and regulations.

Tax Review
With years of experience in the field, our associates are well qualified to prepare independent company tax reviews based on a diagnostic check of our client’s books and records. We will give a report and determine if all rules and regulations have been complied with, and look for possible ways to maximize tax savings.

Tax Compliance Services

Individual Tax Assistance Services
Introduction as to what is individual tax assistance and why it’s necessary.

  • Tax Planning & Consultation
  • Annual Individual Income Tax Return
  • Individual Tax Disputes Resolution
  • Tax ID Withdrawal

Monthly Tax Compliance
Tax Compliance

  • File monthly tax returns
  • Monthly visitation
  • Review monthly documents

Corporate Income Tax Return
WHT & VAT Compliance

Transfer Pricing Services

Introduction – significance occurence of cross border transactions, the importance of transfer pricing rule has captured tax authority’s attention. It is important for enterprises to pay particular attention in their corporate behavior and how they determine the pricing of the products or services to their associates in accordance with the arm’s length principle. SSA has years of experience in handling tax audit, objection and litigation, including transfer pricing. We usedOriana Database, a worldwide database (a little background on Oriana), which the tax office also uses.

Transfer Pricing Documentation